Is your epoxy coating peeling, chipping, or stained? Is your floor covered in old linoleum tile or dirty worn-out carpet? If so, Concrete Creations specializes in the removal of failed coatings and unsightly floor coverings. Through the use of our high-powered machinery and experienced crew, we can successfully remove any existing floor covering and then properly prepare the floor surface for installation of a new, beautiful, and long-lasting epoxy floor.

Many installers and home improvement stores fail to provide their customers with the proper techniques and materials needed to successfully install a durable epoxy coating that can withstand the harsh abuse a garage floor is subjected to. On a weekly basis we receive requests from disappointed callers asking if we could do something about their horrible looking floor; luckily for them Concrete Creations can. With years of experience behind us and the use of commercial grade tools and materials, Concrete Creations has mastered the art of Epoxy Flooring, taking over where others have failed.

Don’t let this happen to you!

To the right is an example of an epoxy floor that was installed by another company on top of a concrete surface that was not adequately prepared. Three months following the installation the floor started to peel; that is when we were called in.